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John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Wed Jun 2 14:19:25 EDT 2010

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> I'm just saying, newbs ain't going to sign up to a mailman list. It's
> 1990's technology. Nobody starts up any sort of community discussion
> these days using mailman technology. Newbs will go elsewhere, to some
> more familiar venue.

Sheesh, I make an honest mistake and it blows up in my face, how intimidating for me, a new user of kwlug-help. ;)

Just kidding.

Should we shy away from expecting new users to join the community? If they don't join, will then eventually be disappointed with their success with FOSS? Which is easier signing up for a mailing list or registering with a forum?

By having them join a list they join the community. It also acts as a very small barrier to asking a question. But it may be enough of a barrier to prevent nuisance questions. I mean, lots of people need help with FOSS and may litter Internet forums and other lists with questions replicated across many sites. 
I think the idea of a forum has some merit, since it can be joined and left without the day-to-day deluge of messages. For me they are not very helpful since I rarely can remember to visit often enough. The push technology of mailing lists works way better.

I also know from personal experience that non-subscriber posts to mailling lists invariably results in lots of spam to be deleted. It's also a role where quick turn-around is expected. I like my lists that require membership to post, that way my admin duties involve deleting those messages in bulk when they begin to use too much disk space.

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