[kwlug-disc] Google dumps Windows OS

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Jun 1 19:00:16 EDT 2010

Chris Frey wrote, On 06/01/2010 6:30 PM:
> On Tue, Jun 01, 2010 at 06:26:38PM -0400, unsolicited wrote:
>> Perhaps a case in point - how many iPads have or will be sold? Why? On 
>> what basis? Doesn't seem to matter. How can we get 'Linux' there, too?
> It wouldn't be called "Linux" though.  Perhaps it would be called "Android."
> Or maybe the "L-Pad" :-)

Actually, you just provide another example of my point. Sort of.

At least Symbian seems more 'purchasable' than 'Linux.' [And do we 
want to promote <Closed Hardware 'Open' Software> Android over <Open 
Hardware Open Software> Symbian. - Let's leave that discussion for 
another day. Yes, 'Symbian' isn't particularly more specific than 
'Linux.' No, you can't walk in somewhere and say I want a Symbian 
phone the way you can walk in and say I want a Mac, let alone an iPad.]

Yet, somehow, 'Android' seems to feel like a more 'can reach out and 
touch it' (buy it) type 'term', than 'Linux', and 'Linux' has been at 
it a lot longer. If Android 'marketing' has been more 'successful', 
why hasn't 'Linux', or why is Linux still going about it in a manner 
that has been shown to be less successful than desired, in the past.

Repeating the same actions and expecting a different result ...

Sorry if I've started another pointless, unanswerable, around in 
circles, thread. Worse - hijacked the thread.

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