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> Khalid, all of your responses seem to focus around some direct relationship
> between the 1st and 3rd party. And Brent's points have been to avoid random,
> unknown, 3rd parties from having a claim upon him.
> Now, I do take your point that it may be easier or simpler to simply have
> it on a web site. But that also creates a requirement to perpetually
> maintain that web site. While including the source puts a limit on things.

Think about what the practice is out there already:

For example, if we have Vendor (V), First buyer (F) and Second buyer (S).
Assume V is Toshiba or Panasonic with a wide screen TV, or Netgear with a
router. Both products have a Linux kernel and some custom stuff.

F buys the hardware from V. F is not technically inclined and has no need
nor interest in fiddling with the hardware internals nor the software.

F then sells the hardware to S. S is technically inclined, or has a project
in mind. What does S do? Ask F for the source code? F does not even know
what source code is, let alone has a copy of it. S visits the web site that
V has setup and downloads the source code.

V cannot say: "you didn't get the hardware from us, did ya? We have no
relationship with you. Go ask F for the source code".

This is not the only use case. Suppose F modified the code? F has to make
available the modifications (either on request, or downloadable from

And, the web site can be created once sufficient mass has accumulated. IF it
> ever does. At the least, the act of writing a program and giving it to a
> friend shouldn't obligate me to perpetually maintain a web site.

Or just put the code on github.com, Google Code, or SourceForge and be done
with it. It will be there for far longer than you care to run a web site.
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