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John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Thu Jul 29 10:19:47 EDT 2010

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> John Van Ostrand wrote, On 07/28/2010 5:16 PM:
> Remind me please:
> - 'posix acl's are (not?) the standard permissions? i.e. chmod, etc.
> - sticky bit?
> - umask?
> - seems to me the gui programs, e.g. file properties in konqueror,
> understand / work with 'standard permissions.' Do they also tend to be
> acl aware?

I'm not sure of the proper terms, but I would use "traditional unix permissions" or posix permissions to describe the "-rw-rw-rw user group" permissions that you see when you run "ls -l" and posix ACLs for the access control lists that you see when you run "getfacl *"

Traditional permissions allow for only three classifications of people: user, group and others whereas ACLs allow a more complex list.

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