[kwlug-disc] DuckDuckGo.com -- an alternate search engine

Eric Gerlach eric+kwlug at gerlach.ca
Wed Jul 28 10:05:20 EDT 2010

Excerpts from Ralph Janke's message of Tue Jul 27 12:32:51 -0400 2010:
> I am not sure what the resistance against javascript in general is.
> javascript allows to let certain parts of the code being executed in the 
> client instead of the server. This allows a smoother user experience 
> (i.e. not every user interaction requires a new page being rendered). Do 
> you need this for every application - no. However, it can increase the 
> usability, to allow i.e. auto-completion of your input.

I've been thinking about this since our discussion last night, Ralph,
and I've thought of a few more Javascript-specific attacks that *don't*
involve your machine being taken over, but are still problematic.

Attack #1: Using existing logins

- You're logged into a site you care about (let's say your bank, or
- Malicious Javascript looks through your history (yes, it can do this)
  to find recently visited sites that it knows about
- Code navigates your browser to that site (in an invisible iframe) to
  see if you're logged in.
- If you are, it starts GETting and POSTing things to do its nefarious

attack #2: Clickjacking


Attack #3: Tabnapping


So whereas in our conversation, you're mostly right, you're not likely
to get pwned by Javascript, you can still get phished.  Which is
arguably just as bad.



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