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Johnny Ferguson hyperflexed at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 21:30:38 EDT 2010

On 07/27/2010 09:23 PM, Ralph Janke wrote:
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>> But with search, we just want the text. Perhaps a picture or two. No
>> ads, no refreshes, no anything else ... just GIVE ME THE ANSWER! If we
>> knew they didn't have the answer, we wouldn't have gone there in the
>> first place. And, somehow, not having the answer almost becomes the
>> fault of the page creator.<sigh>
> No. I don't only want text. I want additional functionality like auto-
> completion of web-forms, realtime updates, etc. Only because you do not want
> to have that, it does not mean that nobody else wants to have that.

And that's what's wonderful about virtual democracy, everyone can have 
it their way, however I don't believe that accessibility (i.e. the 
ability to see a pages CONTENT without presentation) should fall by the 
wayside so that people can have folding boxes and longer load times.

The W3C advocates "graceful degradation", and if you consider the needs 
of say, a blind user with a screen reader, you become blissfully aware 
of the need for a separation between content and presentation.

The AJAXians have gone hog-wild with this notion of web 2.0 and in their 
furor have completely forgotten what the web was about. Before all this 
web 2.0 crap kicked in, there was what I call "The Standards Revolution" 
(I was young at the time, no idea what it was called), and I remember 
the whole idea was to make the web ACCESSIBLE. Regardless of platform, 
device, special needs/disabilities. And when you think about it, the 
idea of a web page is nothing more than a hyperlinked tree structure.

So you can have your JS, as long as it's additive, and falls apart gently.

> Ralph
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