[kwlug-disc] OT: Arduino shields

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Sun Jul 25 19:14:15 EDT 2010

Thanks Richard.
Interesting stuff.

I remember when the "Most Useless Machine" was available in toy 
stores and when switch was turned on, a green hand would come out of 
the box, turn the switch off and then snap back into the box. And I 
think I recall seeing a philosophy paper on the philosophical logic 
of a machine that would simply exist only to turn itself off.

John Johnson

At 18:32 2010-07-25, Richard Weait wrote:

>Here's another one for you then, John.  Arduino prototype boards (and
>related products) from a very dear friend of mine.
>I can't describe him as a friend of the LUG because he hasn't attended
>yet.  I know you folks would be crazy about him though.  And the
>hackerspace community would go nuts for Dave and his company,
>Have fun running up your credit card.  ;-)

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