[kwlug-disc] OT: Arduino shields

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Sat Jul 24 06:41:56 EDT 2010

At 05:17 2010-07-24, Johnny Ferguson wrote:
>Could you point to the specific document. I looked through the whole 
>site and didn't find anything relating to arduino and wire wrap. 
>(edit: I realize now you meant his article only covers wirewrapping, 
>not arduino specifics)

Please see:

Educational Resources
Electronic Prototyping Construction Techniques
download.pdf (Construction.PDF)

The paper - dated 2002 - is general and is not Arduino specific.
And, yes, wirewrap is tedious. But it works.

Recovered/recycled (and new) IDE headers do not lend themselves to 
wirewrap and would have to be soldered.
Wirewrap DIP sockets are available. One can wirewrap to discretes but 
a touch of solder is recommended because the leads are round and do 
not secure the wrap the same way square pins do.

John Johnson

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