[kwlug-disc] Going out of basement sale!

Johnny Ferguson hyperflexed at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 06:35:24 EDT 2010

Are the HDs SATA or IDE? I'd be interested in the WD 160GB drive as a 
backup drive if you think the condition is suitable. Any idea on the 
spindle speed? Not sure how old these drives are.

I'd happily toss $20 into the FLOSS fund as appreciation.


On 07/21/2010 10:31 PM, Chris Irwin wrote:
> I've compiled a list of various parts and things that are collecting
> dust in my basement. I've held on to them out of the dream of doing
> something awesome that will make me rich and famous, but I'm
> unfortunately rather busy toiling in obscurity to work on any awesome
> fame-inducing side projects. Everything here is free to a loving home,
> but if you feel inclined to part with money, feel free to put it into
> the FLOSS fund. We've got OSU-OSL and OpenWRT coming up, both of which
> are worth supporting.
> This offer does not exclude Computer Recycling. Charles, if any of this
> stuff is wanted there I can bring by TWC before a meeting.
> All of this was working when I last used it (with one exception, noted
> below). I'll be powering most of it on over the next few days to erase
> hard disks, etc. But I wanted to get this list out sooner rather than
> later.
> 3.5" IDE Hard Drives:
> - Western Digital 120GB
> - Western Digital 5GB
> - Samsung 160GB
> - Western Digital 160GB
> - Seagate 80GB
> - Maxtor 20GB
> - Western Digital 40GB
> 2.5" IDE Hard Drives
> - Hitachi 30GB
> - Samsung 60GB
> Alcatel SpeedTouch Home DSL Modem
> - Model 3Ec18804GCAA01
> Three generic PCI 10/100 NICs.
> Adaptec 29160LP SCSI adapter. This is a 64-bit PCI card. It apparently
> works with a 32-bit PCI slot, but I couldn't get it to work properly
> with a recent Ubuntu. This may be an Ubuntu thing, or the card may not
> work with a 32-bit slot. Or the card might only work intermittently. I
> only had one piece of hardware to test with, so I don't know.
> Some desktops. I don't remember anything about these anymore. I could
> post back with the specs when I power them up later this week.
> - Dell Optiplex GX1. Probably a Pentium 2
> - NEC Powermate 5100. Has a Pentium 2 badge on the front
> Gateway 450ROG laptop.
> - Pentium-M 1.2GHz
> - Intel 2100 802.11b wireless
> - ati 7500
> - 15" 1400x1050 matte LCD
> - Completely flat battery. Doesn't get you through a brownout.
> - When i last used it, everything worked great. That was a few years
> ago, and it just collects dust now.
> - http://support.gateway.com/s/mobile/gateway/450rog/3501353sp66.shtml
> Apple 14" ibook
> - I'm somewhat hesitant to list this machine because it is broken, but
> somebody may want to fix it or need it for parts.
> - 800 (?) MHz G3 PPC
> - 30 GB Hard drive (?)
> - I think the logic board is shot? The machine still booted into OS X (I
> have since wiped the drive), and target disk mode works fine. No video
> on either the internal LCD or external mini-vga, though.
> I may come across more stuff. There are still a few boxes I haven't
> opened since I moved.
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