[kwlug-disc] Going out of basement sale!

Chris Irwin chris at chrisirwin.ca
Wed Jul 21 22:31:55 EDT 2010

I've compiled a list of various parts and things that are collecting
dust in my basement. I've held on to them out of the dream of doing
something awesome that will make me rich and famous, but I'm
unfortunately rather busy toiling in obscurity to work on any awesome
fame-inducing side projects. Everything here is free to a loving home,
but if you feel inclined to part with money, feel free to put it into
the FLOSS fund. We've got OSU-OSL and OpenWRT coming up, both of which
are worth supporting.

This offer does not exclude Computer Recycling. Charles, if any of this
stuff is wanted there I can bring by TWC before a meeting.

All of this was working when I last used it (with one exception, noted
below). I'll be powering most of it on over the next few days to erase
hard disks, etc. But I wanted to get this list out sooner rather than

3.5" IDE Hard Drives:
- Western Digital 120GB
- Western Digital 5GB
- Samsung 160GB
- Western Digital 160GB
- Seagate 80GB
- Maxtor 20GB
- Western Digital 40GB

2.5" IDE Hard Drives
- Hitachi 30GB
- Samsung 60GB

Alcatel SpeedTouch Home DSL Modem
- Model 3Ec18804GCAA01

Three generic PCI 10/100 NICs.

Adaptec 29160LP SCSI adapter. This is a 64-bit PCI card. It apparently
works with a 32-bit PCI slot, but I couldn't get it to work properly
with a recent Ubuntu. This may be an Ubuntu thing, or the card may not
work with a 32-bit slot. Or the card might only work intermittently. I
only had one piece of hardware to test with, so I don't know.

Some desktops. I don't remember anything about these anymore. I could
post back with the specs when I power them up later this week.
- Dell Optiplex GX1. Probably a Pentium 2
- NEC Powermate 5100. Has a Pentium 2 badge on the front

Gateway 450ROG laptop.
- Pentium-M 1.2GHz
- Intel 2100 802.11b wireless
- ati 7500
- 15" 1400x1050 matte LCD
- Completely flat battery. Doesn't get you through a brownout.
- When i last used it, everything worked great. That was a few years
ago, and it just collects dust now.
- http://support.gateway.com/s/mobile/gateway/450rog/3501353sp66.shtml

Apple 14" ibook
- I'm somewhat hesitant to list this machine because it is broken, but
somebody may want to fix it or need it for parts.
- 800 (?) MHz G3 PPC
- 30 GB Hard drive (?)
- I think the logic board is shot? The machine still booted into OS X (I
have since wiped the drive), and target disk mode works fine. No video
on either the internal LCD or external mini-vga, though.

I may come across more stuff. There are still a few boxes I haven't
opened since I moved.

Chris Irwin <chris at chrisirwin.ca>
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