[kwlug-disc] 4-day RHEL admin-type course happening in TO in the near future

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Jul 8 04:53:55 EDT 2010

  i've already mentioned this on the TLUG mailing list but i figured i
might as well mention it here as well, and you can pass this info on
to anyone you think might be interested.

  a business college in TO is arranging for me to come in and teach,
for a single student from a good client of theirs, 4 days worth of
introductory red hat enterprise linux admin content.

  won't be the *official* RHEL courseware, obviously, since only RH or
their authorized instructors can do that, but since the course outline
and topics are widely available, it's not hard to emulate it, and
there's lots of online docs that can be used to put together a student
manual.  long story short, it will be effectively a 4-day, first-level
RHEL admin course, with lots more goodies thrown in by me as i see
fit.  (and i do throw in lots of goodies, it will be a *very* busy
course. :-)

  as i said, it's being set up for a single student because the
college's client is a good customer and they're sort of doing it as a
favour, but i asked and got permission to mention the course elsewhere
as the organizer has (unsurprisingly) no objection to other students
taking the course at the same time.

  dates and the exact list of topics are still being finalized but if
you look around the net at existing providers' RH admin courses, it's
going to match that as closely as possible, with perhaps a few mods
where i'm going to omit topics that i think have little value, and add
in other stuff that i think is more worthwhile.  we'll have a final
outline at some point.

  i can't give you a final price but, by way of comparison, here's
learning tree's similar offering:


with a standard cost of $2,890 (unless you have a multi-course plan).
i *believe* i can give the assurance that this course will be over a
thousand dollars less expensive for pretty much the same content, but
i have to wait for a final figure.  without question, it's going to
represent a massive savings.

  in any event, we're working out the dates and if you know anyone who
might be interested, have them drop me a note.  they won't be
registering through me, they will be doing all that through the
college and they will be considered the college's clients, not mine --
i'm just being contracted to deliver the course -- but it seemed a
waste of time to do 4 days of teaching and not offer that course to
anyone else who might be interested.



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