[kwlug-disc] [SPAM] Re: Detecting and using wired network when available

Kareem Shehata kshehata at aeryon.com
Wed Jul 7 15:15:31 EDT 2010

On 2010-07-07, at 15:08 , Andrew Kohlsmith (mailing lists account) wrote:

> On Wednesday, July 07, 2010 02:46:00 pm Kareem Shehata wrote:
>> In Mac and Windows it's as easy as giving each interface a gateway and a
>> metric, and the system just figures out which one to use.  Any idea how to
>> get Linux to do this?
> Ubuntu's spoiled me; the network manager takes care of it automagically for me 
> these days.
> If I had to take it a step lower though, I imagine I'd play with ifup/ifdown 
> scripts that debian would already have in place.

From what I'm seeing, the interface isn't marked as up or down, which is the source of the problem.

> Taking it a step lower than that yet, though, you'd have to use udev events 
> for the link messages on the PHY of the wired interface.

That would truly be painful, but doable.  From what I'm hearing, I could code my own little app to poll the ioctl for link messages.  I can't help but think there's an easier way.

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