[kwlug-disc] Haiti relief and FLOSS

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Thu Jan 21 17:17:13 EST 2010

I forgot the "punchline"  the "so what" of my earlier email on OSM and
Haiti relief.

OSM is showing the always updating map with a delay as small as a few minutes.

Other OSM volunteers are publishing new and up to date maps in a
format that can be printed on large paper maps several times per hour.
 Maps compatible with handheld GPS devices are published roughly every
five minutes.  These maps were in use as the first relief teams arrive
last week.  OSM has received thank yous from several outfits and
people on the ground in Haiti, which is really awesome considering how
full their hands must be right now.  Between the OSM tools and
volunteers and the multi-disciplinary folks at crisis-mapping,
requests for map updates and features are flying fast and furious.

If you have any OSM experience, you can help.

If you know anybody from Haiti, and can help them to use the OSM
tools, it would be very helpful to have their experience identifying
things, so that they can be named on the map.

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