[kwlug-disc] ubiquiti rs pro

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Jan 17 23:39:43 EST 2010

To be clear, in case I wasn't / we weren't ... we're not hung up on 
the hardware model, only that it have the same feature set.

GB is important to me, I'm less worried about this as router than this 
as wi-fi gateway. Security wise, perhaps, better that the wi-fi 
gateway NOT be the ISP router. Especially if a wi-fi bundle means an 
inability to firewall the crossover point. i.e.

ISP <-> [router] <-> [copper internal network]
             ^-> [{DMZ 2} wi-fi gateway {DMZ 1}] <-> [wi-fi internal 

	DMZ 2 may or may not be effected. DMZ1 needs MAC address filtering 
wi-fi side, no such copper side. Anything copper must be able to get 
to anything (MAC) permitted wi-fi.

	So whether this is a single box, or multiple, the (virtual) pieces 
must be separate.

SD would be nice for extra storage while leaving the USB (or 2), for 

Or, if wi-fi repeating isn't native to kamikaze, plugging in a wi-fi 
usb dongle.

I expect only the richness of OpenWRT will allow any sort of USB 
device we can come up with. e.g. I'm guessing normal USB on such a 
router will take a printer or a HD, but probably not a wi-fi dongle.

Not hung up on RouterStation Pro, am hung up on GB, etc.

Khalid Baheyeldin wrote, On 01/17/2010 9:45 PM:
> I agree with you. I want something that has it all hardware wise. I can 
> flash new
> Kamikaze (or whatever), but don't want to buy bits and pieces for 3X the 
> price.
>     For me the point is to acquire current hardware (802.11n, usb, sd,
>     gigabit) and get on with my day 
> Yes, definitely 11N and USB. SD is nice too. For Gigabit, I can live 
> without it, because I have a separate Gigabit switch, and the uplink to 
> Rogers will not go over 100 Mbps anytime soon.
>     Software catching up I can live with, not hardware. I'm happy to
>     reset, as you suggest, but not on the hardware.
> Same here. I'd rather not fiddle with hardware. Software I can happily 
> manage it, as long as it does not need continued attention.

I would expect, unless buggy, only software attention it might need is 
if you make changes / expand functionality. e.g. If you turn on SNMP 
to monitor bandwidth rates and an internal buffer fills up. Or you add 
Asterisk and add more than a couple of lines and phones. (As per Lori.)

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