[kwlug-disc] ubiquiti rs pro

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Jan 17 14:56:10 EST 2010

Richard Weait wrote, On 01/17/2010 10:28 AM:
> Interesting discussion.  I notice a Canadian distributor with prices
> on the web site.  A quick trip round the site looks like $240 for
> rs-pro+1 radio and a box.  Not sure about power supply.  I'm presuming
> CDN$
> And they aren't too far from us.  So I've contacted them.  Let's see
> if they want to chat.
> http://www.ubnt.ca/home?page=shop.browse&category_id=2

Thanks for pursuing this.

I saw this link too (Sauble). No stock.

Please make sure it's 802.11n at that price point. I could be arm 
twisted into it. Not happy, but what's our continued search time worth.

It would help if those on the list who sell could chime in as to their 
interest level in offering this sort of thing to their customers. 
Perhaps the intimation of future larger orders upon this successful 
trial will bring this trial price point down.

List updates as information received will be gratefully appreciated.

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