[kwlug-disc] OpenWRT / 802.11n / USB / SD / GB - MAC filtering wi-fi side specific?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Sat Jan 16 02:34:09 EST 2010

On Fri, 15 Jan 2010, unsolicited wrote:

> Yep.
> You want the functionality, you want the capability, you want the
> commercial quality (5km outside range), you're not going to get
> factory direct prices.
> The public retail market will never deliver this. You will never buy
> all of this from Best Buy.
> $200 to make the problem go away is peanuts. If we're lucky, that's
> $200 CDN.
> Slap a waterproof cover on this, and you've got building to
> building.
> Not that I care about the commercial possibilities of this (but I'd
> gladly help people out to do so) - I just want the issue put to bed.
> What's our time worth to keep waiting and searching and looking and ...

  i was originally going to say that the ubiquity rs pro sort of
violated the spirit of my original proposal, in that i was asking for
something ready to go off the shelf so that beginners could follow
along conveniently, but the longer i think about it, the more i think
this is a more worthwhile "project".

  there's already ongoing discussions about openwrt on the rs pro:


as well as places that sell full kits:


  what's necessary to make this worth doing as a "community" project
is that it be fully documented, from end to end.  the biggest drawback
i've seen with the documentation for various routers at the openwrt
web site is that they're trying to document so many routers that few
of them are ever documented *completely*.  and it takes only a single
glitch in the installation and configuration to leave a newbie
frustrated and stuck with a non-functioning router, not knowing what
to do next.

  if folks decide that the rs pro is the way to go, the very first
thing to confirm is where to get all the parts.  a good web page
writeup would give instructions as to where to order from, the part
number(s) and how much it will eventually cost before it shows up at
your door.  that's the level of detail i'm talking about.  but by the
time we're done, anyone should be able to follow the directions and
end up with a functioning wireless router.

  so, i'm certainly game for this, even if it's a somewhat pricier
option, because i think the end result will be worth it.  thoughts?


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