[kwlug-disc] OpenWRT / 802.11n / USB / SD / GB - MAC filtering wi-fi side specific?

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Fri Jan 15 16:11:09 EST 2010

One more thing about the Ubiquity (from reading the thread): it is kind of
You need to buy a wireless card, a cover, ...etc. This makes it closer to
rather than the under $100 all in one routers.

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 3:44 PM, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:

> Agreed. I'm in.
> I believe the Ubiquity RouterStation Pro (
> http://www.ubnt.com/products/rspro.php) is the box, given its flexibility,
> but it's not local. So what. I'm guessing Cedric bought
> http://www.ubnt.com/airview/, given his presentation, so he already
> understands the lines of supply to Ubiquity.
> It's their product line that confuses me, and that this is a bare board
> with multiple mini-pci slots. But I expect sufficient expertise is around to
> grok this. And put a cover on it.
> It wouldn't surprise me if we could sell this (via Cedric / John?). As you
> say Bob, it's a matter of local expertise, and having the product in hand.
> Any SMB/SOHO could use one, we could all use one. Especially if it relayed
> current wi-fi. i.e. Facilities could use it to provide wi-fi internet access
> to the public while keeping their own internal networks secure - with one
> (black) box.
> Why? Because it's nails the current need to the floor for a good long while
> - fire and forget. We're all tired of waiting for the latest hardware to
> solve this problem and be done with it. It's taken way, way, to much eye
> space and time.
> Anyone else interested?
> Robert P. J. Day wrote, On 01/15/2010 10:21 AM:
>  On Fri, 15 Jan 2010, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
>>>        every so often, i look around to see if there's a new,
>>>      openwrt-ideal
>>>      router out there.  and by openwrt-ideal, i mean:
>>>       * runs the latest version of openwrt with a 2.6 kernel
>>>       * at least one USB 2.0 port (preferably two)
>>>       * supports the graphical (luci) interface
>>>       * etc, etc, you get the idea.
>>> Me too ... the development is behind the new models available at the
>>> large stores.
>>> Graphical interface is not a must for me. Command line or web based
>>> is fine.
>>> But to add to the list:
>>> * Wireless N support.
>>  i actually had tossed that in under the "etc, etc" part. :-)  but if
>> someone identifies such a router that's locally available, how about a
>> kwlug project for a few people to each buy one, and then have the
>> locals document the crap out of it and put that up at the kwlug site
>> so others can do the same?
>>  from my experiences with the openwrt list, the biggest drawback for
>> beginners to get into openwrt is:
>>  * deciding which router to buy, then
>>  * learning the hard way that that router has some deficiencies
>> if enough kwlug people can agree on a particular router that would
>> seem to fit most peoples' needs, we can collectively document exactly
>> how to get it running out of the box, at which point a *lot* more
>> people should be able to follow along.
>>  it's just a thought.
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