[kwlug-disc] given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Jan 12 11:24:48 EST 2010

Joe Wennechuk wrote, On 01/12/2010 11:08 AM:
> I was thinking of all of the manpower, hardware and such (Everything end 
> to end); Especially, if some super user who is the only guy who really 
> knows what's going on decides to leave.
> Running a complete linux solution in a big company with no active 
> directory. This seems it could get expensive, and cumbersome.

No more so than any other installation. Probably even somewhat less 
with *nix, due to (free / no licensing hassle) cross-system 
application consistency. (tar, gzip, dump, rsync, amanda, insert your 
favourite <thunk> here)

What has active directory to do with anything?

Let alone in the face of (open) ldap, 'dynamic' dns, pam, samba, and 
the like. [Use an OS' native backup to backup the OS partition to a 
file residing on another partition, then use your favourite backup 
scheme to copy that file into the repository.]

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>  > Subject: Re: [kwlug-disc] given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow?
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>  > > From: Joe Wennechuk <youcanreachmehere at hotmail.com>
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>  > > One thing I have been thinking about with regards to security is the
>  > > overall cost. Do linux machines cost less to secure, and maintain
>  > > that security over the long run?

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