[kwlug-disc] Backup and Recovery in the 21st Century

Chris Irwin chris at chrisirwin.ca
Fri Jan 8 14:01:31 EST 2010

So it looks my Tape Library is no more. It is an ex-Tape Library.

I thought I would ping the list to see what everybody else is doing for
Backup and Recovery, both in terms of physical storage (I've got 700GB and
growing) to software used.

I'm currently thinking about buying a few 2TB disks to use as my physical
media and swap them every week, then something like BackupPC, rsync, or
rdiff-backup to dump onto whatever disk is currently mounted, possibly
giving me nightlies within that week.

For my Linux systems (read: important systems) restoration from a hard disk
would be as simple as cp and grub-install from a live-cd. What about Windows
and Mac OS? Are there any simple ways to restore those systems without
having to fall back to restoring data on a fresh install? The Mac is my
girlfriends primary work machine so downtime for reinstalling and
re-licensing is rather undesirable.

The Windows machine is a toy for games, but reinstalling everything on that
is such a pain that I'd like to make restorations simple there too.

Ideally I'd like to spend as little as possible on this, so things like
LTO-4 drives are out of the question.

Chris Irwin
<chris at chrisirwin.ca>
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