[kwlug-disc] SJK accessibility

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Mon Jan 4 22:21:06 EST 2010

Did anybody come to the meeting and not attend because ringing the
doorbell or phoning the number was too intimidating? 

Did anybody feel uncomfortable coming to the meeting for other reasons
related to the location (safety, access, etc?)

I am not trying to start (or interested in) another epic
metathread, so feel free to send this information (or any other
comments about the space) off-list. 

I did notice that the attendance was significantly smaller than for
other meetings, so if (and only if) the meeting space played a role in
you deciding not to attend I would like to know (again off-list). If
people want then I can summarize what I heard to kwlug-disc next Monday.

At the end of this meeting we decided to hold the February meeting at
St John's Kitchen as well, and work from there. Because of the overlap
in bookings this month I will attempt to confirm that we have the

- Paul

P.S. I was all set to ask an actual Linux question on the list, but
then I read the git-bundle manpage. Suck. 

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