[kwlug-disc] Stallman comes out against Google's cloud

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
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I am one of those, who, without wearing a tinfoil hat, thinks that Amazon's and 
Paypal's actions should send shivers to anyone that wants to rely "on the cloud" 
for their business.

The technical concept is great, makes a lot of sense. Does having a third party 
decide to close your business make sense? Of course, you can argue that they 
didn't "close" wikileaks, just removed their ability to operate.

Whether you agree or disagree with what Wikileaks did, what Amazon and Paypal 
did was wrong.

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Summary: Cloud computer is for the Homer Simpons of the world.  Here's a good 
quote from the article:

"Perhaps the term 'careless computing' would suit it better."

He also makes an interesting point about how in the US if your data is on a 
corporate server then the police can access sometimes without even a search 
warrant?  No idea what that's about.  g.

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