[kwlug-disc] Free e-waste drop off?

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Sat Dec 4 13:36:18 EST 2010

Perhaps we could ask for a more specific post, with both what they will 
accept at the Recycling center, as well as what they need/would like.

On 04/12/10 01:33 PM, unsolicited wrote:
> Gary Walsh wrote, On 12/04/2010 9:48 AM:
>> International E-Waste Management (http://www.ewastereuse.com/) at 283
>> Duke Street West will take e-waste for free.  That is where I have been
>> dropping off my old dead electronics.
> Assuming, per John's note, you find out and report back the new 
> location ...
> Per Charles' note, International (above), does not reuse, merely 
> forwards on for destruction and disposal?
> As, from Charles' note, would be Future Shop?
> Charles:
> (1) Can you confirm, then, that e-waste can be dropped off to you 
> (computer recycling) for free?
> (2) You no longer restrict what you are willing to take? [Granted, for 
> the stuff you can make use of, you continue to redirect it towards 
> reuse.] (At one time, you were out of space, and had stopped accepting 
> things like fax machines, computers < Pentium 4's, etc.)
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