[kwlug-disc] Free e-waste drop off?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat Dec 4 13:33:55 EST 2010

Gary Walsh wrote, On 12/04/2010 9:48 AM:
> International E-Waste Management (http://www.ewastereuse.com/) at 283
> Duke Street West will take e-waste for free.  That is where I have been
> dropping off my old dead electronics.

Assuming, per John's note, you find out and report back the new 
location ...

Per Charles' note, International (above), does not reuse, merely 
forwards on for destruction and disposal?

As, from Charles' note, would be Future Shop?


(1) Can you confirm, then, that e-waste can be dropped off to you 
(computer recycling) for free?

(2) You no longer restrict what you are willing to take? [Granted, for 
the stuff you can make use of, you continue to redirect it towards 
reuse.] (At one time, you were out of space, and had stopped accepting 
things like fax machines, computers < Pentium 4's, etc.)

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