[kwlug-disc] Troubleshooting and Fixing a PC locally?

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Fri Dec 3 02:12:08 EST 2010

...if you call $49.99 pricey...

  Belkin 4-Port PS/2 KVM Switch - Cables Included (F1DJ104P-B)


I bought a D-Link DKVM-4K - 4 ports, but only 2 sets of cables:



On 10-12-03 12:36 AM, unsolicited wrote:
> Careful when you think about KVM's - there are PS/2 and USB ones (let 
> alone those that come with cables, and those that don't). Pick a USB 
> KVM in this instance, and you're back where you started. There are 
> also KVM's with/out speakers/mic (always nice to know when the beast 
> is warbling at you, including BIOS beeps). Let alone video connectors, 
> VGA vs HDMI (DVI?).
> Go beyond two ports and things start to get pricey

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