[kwlug-disc] Free e-waste drop off?

Darryl O'Neill ldoneill at golden.net
Thu Dec 2 00:40:47 EST 2010

I thought that they got rid of those fees when they started charging 
environment fees at the time of purchase.

unsolicited wrote:
> What?!?
> Staples, and FutureShop let you drop off any electronic waste any 
> time, without charge, for recycling?
> I've heard of BatteryPlus and The Source taking rechargeable 
> batteries, and Baka cell phones, and the hospital for reading glasses, 
> but never knew Staples / FutureShop took it all.
> Without the $10/item charge the dump charges, once, of course, you get 
> it out there.
> There's another local firm, can't remember the name, that will also 
> take it, for a charge.
> Do we know that Staples, FutureShop, etc. actually forwards it to 
> recycling, not just the dump? And that the dump actually recycles it, 
> not just safely disposes of it?
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