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Yup, sometimes you can even sift through the bin and find some stuff that isn't quite garbage.

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And Futureshop, and others too.
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Doesn't staples already do that, every day?

On 01/12/10 12:13 PM, Paul Nijjar wrote:

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Hi there I was wondering if you would be willing to post a link to our
website, as we have a valuable FREE event going on at RONA in Ktichener
from Dec 1st -12th, we are operating a Free E-Waste recycling event.

This is our second event at the kitchener location, we travel throughout
Ontario collecting e-waste for recycling.

It'd be great to have a link on the LWLUG website for all the IT guys out
there, they could get a good pat on the back for finding a way to get rid
of obsolete equipment for FREE... the bosses love that :)


Check our my website and give me a call whenever.

ryan at myoldPC.ca



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