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Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sat Aug 28 11:29:30 EDT 2010

Is it possible to get an Atom/RSS feed for the Learning articles?


(the link is http://kwlug.org/Learning )

On Fri, 2010-08-27 at 10:02 -0400, John Van Ostrand wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've added a new menu item to the KW LUG web site and added some content underneath. The tab is "Learning" (http://kwlug.org/learning).
> I've started a series of articles on Bash and I'll be contributing more every once in a while. If you use bash already don't bother reading it. If you're new to Bash it might be a quick read with a useful byte or two of information. I plan tutorials on editing and history, file globbing, piping, redirection, environment and other bash details. I'd also like to add a 'vi' set of articles as well. Don't expect an 'emacs' complement from me though.
> In the future, if I see more content being created (ahem, hint...) I'll expand or refine this part of the site.
> I notice a Mandriva review (thanks Raul) and I think that makes for good content. I'll have to think about how I'm going to link reviews in.
> If you create Learning content make sure you pick a suitable Taxonomy term. It will be evident when you write the article.


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