[kwlug-disc] Linux is lagging behind

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 29 16:41:47 EDT 2010

Open moko strived to reach that goal. Closed products ate their lunch.

They were late fixing a few little bugs and people lost interest. It seems that right now is a Hackers only platform. Which is still interesting but not mainstream.

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> With the proliferation of mobile
> OS's, how come basically everything is still closed
> source?  Rim, apple, sanyo, on and on, they've all got
> closed OS's for their phones and mobile devices.  And
> Google's doesn't count, that's still commercial.
> Am I wrong on being surprised that I can't download the
> latest copy of mobile linux and dump it on my phone?  I
> know that some of this is due to closed hardware
> limitations, but somehow, someway linux needs to be pushing
> forward on this front before consumers settle on a non-linux
> OS. 
> I think all these closed OS's are stifling creativity, and
> they're certainly causing my inability to have any 'choice'.
> -- g.
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