[kwlug-disc] Looking for a new laptop with some oomph, thoughts?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Apr 29 12:59:02 EDT 2010

It's spring, when a young man's thoughts turn to ... a new laptop,  
given that my current one is starting to show its age.  And not  
wanting to break the bank but still wanting something at least a  
moderate step up, I poked around my favourite online store,  
tigerdirect, and came up with:


The immediately appealing features:

* not stupidly expensive
* relatively high-res -- 1366x768 has always felt a bit cramped, so  
the 1600x900 will be nice
* faster DDR3 memory

My only puzzlement is the Intel Core i3-330M processor, and I remember  
a thread on that topic not that long ago so I might pop back to the  
archives and check it out, but other than that, I'm interested in the  
thoughts of folks more knowledgeable about these things than me.

Naturally, it will run Linux so is there anything about it that would  
be considered Linux-unfriendly?  Thanks.


P.S.  Specs on that processor:


Not surprisingly, H/W virt support is mandatory.

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