[kwlug-disc] Interested in a presentation about Privacy?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Apr 27 21:57:29 EDT 2010

Take most anything, the feds, taxes, the fuzz, M$, Linux, the corner 

vs. The Federal Government of Canada, CCRA, Police Services, Microsoft 
Canada, Linux Torvalds, Short Stop.

Monikers abound. People generally (think they) know what's meant, and 
probably do in their own (local) community. e.g. taxes may actually 
mean the person at the counter of the local tax office who answered 
your question. For your neighbour, the corner store is probably 
mutually understood.

We tend to use labels rather imprecisely.

But if everyone agrees that the moniker gets you to X, it seems to be 
appropriate. Why should a web of trust be any different.

Raul Suarez wrote, On 04/27/2010 2:58 PM:
>>> And re: aliases,
>>> Really?  You really want to be in the web of
>> trust as "Dragon Slayer13-1985" ?
>> Depends.  Being in the the web of trust as Dragon Slayer13-1985
>> doesn't mean I can't be in it as Chris Frey as well.
> Some people know me as "Rarsa". When I meet them in person, I say
> "hi I am Raul and I may have met you at...", When I see their
> "who???" face I say, "rarsa" and they can then recognize me.

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