[kwlug-disc] YAK Internet + Home Phone deal for Kitchener

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Mon Apr 26 11:11:39 EDT 2010

> And hijacking the thread again ... apparently Rogers
> business service has no cap. I expect you must have a
> business address. Don't know if traffic filtering is an
> issue on the business service - Paul? Charles?

As far as I know we have no cap. I don't know the situation with traffic filtering directly, although I know that Rogers is doing packet inspection for bots and stuff. 

We don't try to accept mail via port 25 directly. Running mail servers is crazy-making, so we outsource it in a convoluted way that is also crazy-making. 

I have noticed some weird (undiagnosed?) problems with trying to connect to our webmail server, which runs off of Rogers. That may not have been Rogers's fault, though. 

- Paul

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