[kwlug-disc] setting up a new VM under ubuntu server 10.04 LTS

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Apr 20 14:04:40 EDT 2010

I don't understand, why is wi-fi even an element here?

The vm would have no wi-fi. How the host gets out to the net is the 
host's problem. Internally, the host and vm will connect, in one of 
the multitude of ways that can be set up.

If I understand Bob's question correctly, he's talking about the 
default / minimum connectivity / settings needed to get vm networking 
up and going (even if in a host only setting). eth0 should always be 
present and should be defaulted to, unchanging, for all vm's in these 
non-networking complex scenario's.

	Granted, you could do an internal direct / non-networked 
communication manner, but why bother. [Taking out the simple case of 
host/vm file sharing which is mount point based not network based.]

There should already be 1 - 3 host virtual network adapters present. 
VM's connect to one of those 3 depending upon the vm networking method 
chosen. I would have expected there to be noting needed for 
configuring, it should 'just work.'

Chris Irwin wrote, On 04/20/2010 1:08 PM:
> On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 09:20, Robert P. J. Day <rpjday at crashcourse.ca> wrote:
>>  so, i follow the instructions and run "vmbuilder" with the
>> appropriate args *but* i completely skip the network configuration
>> part since i want to test what happens if i ignore that part entirely.
>>  what i would *like* to do is leave wlan0 running, of course, but
>> simply add whatever netconfig i need to have net connectivity between
>> the host and the guest -- i don't want to get into bridged networking
>> yet.
> The network is by default configured for host<->guest
> connectivity. You probably won't be able to bridge with a wireless
> interface anyway. You will be able to do NAT if you like. I can not
> recall if the default network is NAT by default, or purely internal.
>>  as you can see, the "virbr0" interface on the host appears to have
>> been configured correctly as a node on the internal 192.168.122.X
>> network.  but to connect to the newly-running guest, that guest also
>> must (naturally) be on that same network.  i've done nothing to mess
>> with the host's /etc/network/interfaces file, so what would i need to
>> do to that file in order to have host wireless continue to run, while
>> allowing the newly-started guest to pick up an internal IP address so
>> that i can do host->guest SSH?
> You shouldn't have to do anything special network-wise. You likely
> don't have a network interface on the guest. You'll have to use virsh
> and the "attach-interface" command. `virsh help attach-interface` will
> give you a bit on useage. I'm not sure if that is hot-pluggable of if
> you need to restart the VM.
> I've unfortunately been extremely busy this week with an office move,
> taxes, and other things. I hopefully will get around to crossing a few
> things off my todo list on wednesday:
> - Posting my slides
> - Updating to Ubuntu's Lucid
> - Create a VM with vmbuilder and no network to see how to manually add
> an interface.
> On the flip-side, if you have X11, you can use virt-manager, which is
> the GUI front-end to libvirt (virsh is the CLI front-end).

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