[kwlug-disc] Newbie... Playing with Linux etc...

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Sat Apr 17 21:06:17 EDT 2010

John Van Ostrand wrote, On 04/17/2010 8:43 PM:
> ----- "Khalid Baheyeldin" <kb at 2bits.com> wrote:
>> For the question: "making money from open source", the answer is,
>>  rightly, a lot of times: sell services. For others, it is "use 
>> software to drive sales of your hardware or as a total solution".
> It's also about lowering costs (as a user of software), or a
> strategic play to break a powerful monopoly and reduce future costs
> (speculation on IBM, Intel motives)
> For software developers it may be about reducing the cost of a
> solutoin or about scaling their application from wristwatches to
> supercomputers and every platform in-between.
> I imagine there are a wide range of other reasons too.

So, following that last ... I sort of get Android / Google / world 

But closed hardware, and sort of open software? (If I've got that 
right.) I don't have the sense that they want all the apps a la itunes 
takes over the world starting from mp3's and moving into iphone apps / 
apple store. [Confession: Don't have a good handle of all about 
android / itunes / apple store / iphone.]

And I sort of get a desire to have full control over everything under 
the java layer, from a hw manu. consistency / rock solid hw&sw no 
3-finger-salute perspective.

But it's all ... confusing. Vis a vis Symbian.

Nokia is ... somewhere between the two? (Symbian and Android.)

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