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This thread makes me wonder ...

Is this the same issue that Canadian business is accused of, in the
sense of always relying on the U.S. to export to, rather than being
more successful at diversifying and selling more / better to the rest
of the world, particularly Europe and Asia?

The expertise needed to develop and sell into new markets is so
strange, and so expensive, that business doesn't try (for lack of
funds?) and / or have been unsuccessful?

So to, the move to a different business model, for Oracle?

Shane wrote, On 04/16/2010 5:00 PM:
> It is difficult to figure out if you are dealing with people who
> don't want to think differently or, to use an over-used term, think
> outside the box.  Status quo has done okay so far so don't make
> life more problematic by actually making me think or break free of
> the herd.
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> Newbie... Playing with Linux etc...
> Is it that difficult to figure it out?
> It is premium support.
> - Java consulting; - MySQL Consulting; - Solaris as a hook to buy
> into a holistic Oracle solution that includes HW. - Selling
> Solutions, instead of selling software and hardware (Duh!) -
> Sub-licensing the support contracts and leverage their investment.
> I mean, there are so many ways it surprises me they are
> deliberating.
> When companies require the support, they pretty much say "Hey, take
> my money, solve my problem".
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>> A slashdot article is saying that /Now Oracle wants the community
>> to prove that open source can be made profitable
>> <http://mail.opensolaris.org/pipermail/ogb-discuss/2010-April/007767.html>.
>> http://developers.slashdot.org/story/10/04/16/190256/Oracle-Wants-Proof-That-Open-Source-Is-Profitable
>> /I think this goes right back to the basic problem of different
>> objectives/monitary systems.
>> Open Source has a monetary system based on code. A corperation
>> has a monetary system based on dollars. If all the people who are
>> involved in an open source project are hired by one company, how
>> can a project be forked in order to keep it open source? The
>> brains needed to maintain the project are competing against their
>> own workplace, and I'm sure non-compete clauses would limit them.
>> So the brains have to come from an outside source.
>> / /Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
>>> On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 1:50 PM, Chris Bruner
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>> <mailto:cbruner at quadro.net>> wrote:
>>> John Van Ostrand wrote:
>>> Terry, I
>> appreciate the point of view of not blindly
>>> defaulting to
>> the common choice. I also have that pet peeve as
>>> well, just not
>> about MySQL.
>>> Any thoughts about Oracle and
>> mysql, and the possible future
>>> problems with that?
>>> I am going to cover some of that in my presentation on
>> May 3rd.
>>> In a nutshell:

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