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Thank you. Email is not a great medium for picking up on this. I really appreciate the support I'm getting. I'm still deciding. 

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> > Well what would you suggest then? I was looking at
> what's happenig in the world of the web, and it seems to be
> mostly MySQL. I a gree this might not be the best solution.
> >
> > I've played with Postgres in Windows and had a little
> success with it, in transalting my old app into this
> platform, however I never did get the time to devote to it.
> I suggest you ignore any non-specific guidance based on
> non-specific
> questions.  Terence is likely making a "joke".
> This happens a lot in the F/LOSS world.  Those with a
> preference for
> either mysql or postgres, vi or emacs, Ubuntu or Fedora, or
> any of the
> other many options that you have in front of you may choose
> to blindly
> express their support for one or another, without regard to
> the
> requirements of the person asking the question.  This
> happens most
> often when a question is non-specific, or too general to be
> answered.
> As an example:
> "My computer is broken.  How do I fix it?"
> "Get a Mac."
> Not helpful.  Supposed to be funny.  If everybody
> is on the same page,
> they all get a chuckle.
> Terence's post is just an example of this trend in the
> community and others.  I don't intend to pick on him.
> The other posts are similar though.  You've stated
> your background and
> some wishes in general terms.  Some have replied with
> their experience
> and observations.  Also in general terms.  Others
> have said, "try
> this, I like it."  All of this, you'll have to filter
> through the lens
> of "I've not provided all of the facts; they are answering
> in
> generalities."  We're not being opaque.  We're
> hedging our bets.  ;-)
> I think it is serious business to tell a new Linux user to
> use The One
> True Distro (That's the one I use, of course) because I
> then become
> responsible for their every issue with the distro.  I
> also risk
> recommending The One True Distro based on my biases and
> ignorance.
> Ignorance of the requirements and expectations of the
> newcomer are the
> worst part.  They'll bite first.
> So, guidance?
> Attend LUG meetings and especially the after meeting
> discussion and
> refreshments.  Discuss.  Describe your context to
> the best of your
> ability.  Ask questions.  Try things and prepare
> to try different
> things.  All of this is part of participating in the
> community.
> Participating on the list is important and helpful as well,
> but
> attending and meeting folks face-to-face is a knowledge
> oxidizer.
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