[kwlug-disc] Newbie... Playing with Linux etc...

Michael Savage msavageca at yahoo.ca
Sat Apr 10 17:52:20 EDT 2010

I am starting to get a little time with playing with linux, and am interested in mostly database things, i.e. mysql...

A bit about me... I've been involved in computers in some form or another since my first toy, The Timex/Sinclair ZX81. I then moved to a Commodore 64, then to an IBM XT, DDOS world. Then of course through versions of Windows starting at Windows 3.10, and continuing to present day. 

I enjoy using Open Office products, ad have stopped using MS Office at MS Office 97 level. Just found the need for a learning curve each version was getting in the way of being productive. I'm sure I don't use all of the features in Office 97, probably less than that in Open Office.

I am living in the windows world, all of my customers are using products that I've developed using various ms products. so forgive me if I seem naive. 

So a few first questions to get me started:

1. What Linux distro would be a good one to start on... low learning curve, but not likely to frustrate me, as stated, I'm a window geek. It needs to have some power, as eventually I'm probably going to use one of my more successful products, and migrate it to teach myself a lot of the things I know well in Windows, but don't have a clue how it works in the Linux world.

2. Setting up mysql... What are the best tools to use to manage and administrate it?

3. Keep in mind, that I know very little, and am interested a lot. So bear with me with my simple questions. I've heard good things about this group. Don't disappoint me, please. :) <vbg>

That should be a start for me at this stage.


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