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Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Thu Sep 24 21:51:49 EDT 2009

> >Just a few weeks ago when I got a new laptop, I switched to 64 bits
> >Kubuntu 9.10, and so far, everything I care about works. There are no
> >64-bit annoyances at all.

I meant to say 9.04, not 9.10, which is yet to be released.

> >The annoyances that I do face are caused by KDE 3.5 to KDE 4.x, and
> >are unrelated to 64 bits.
> I ran 64 bit for almost a year and I ran out of patience waiting for
> browser plugins to work, namely flash plugins and java. I had to install so
> many 32 libraries and configure a plugin wrapper. I have two staff that made
> the change back too.
Flash used to be a big pain for 64bit desktop Linux. It seems that this
speed bump is over and it works well.

Didn't have to do anything special on Kubuntu 9.04. Flash works fine out of
the box, and did not see anything that is a show stopper.

Did not try Java though.

I am actually typing this from that same 64 bit latop, and it was the one I
used for the last KWLUG presentation.

>Today, I am reinstalling one of my daughters' laptop with 64 as well.
> I hope it works better than my experience.

It is all done now. The painful part was the freaking Broadcom wireless
but I saved the ndiswrapper and a script to handle it from before, and

Again, nothing 64 bit is a show stopper. When I visited Youtube, I was asked
if I want to install Flash, and I said yes, entered the admin password and
all is well.

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