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1. flameeyes
Published Nominee by iplayfast
[ http://kwlug.org/node/678 ]

I've been watching this guy's blog for a while and have come to realize
that he is doing a whole lot for the open source software and
particularly Linux.  His work directly involves Gentoo, but many of his
fixes make their way up stream.
His specialty is in the configuration of packages, and he talks on his
blog about the various things that he's worked on, and why autotools
work, problems with other systems, and so on. He is an autotools expert
which is why his fixes make their way upstream. I think the autotools
part of the packaging can be the most complicated, and difficult parts
to get right, since you don't know until it's released whether it will
work for anyone but you. Part of his work is in helping other people
understand the best practices of using autotools
His website is http://www.flameeyes.eu/home and he does take Donations,
either to himself or to the national Pancreas Foundation.


2. Monitoring Linux resources for performance
Published Presentation Topic by kbahey
[ http://kwlug.org/node/679 ]

In this presentation, Khalid will go through various tools and
techniques used to analyze performance issues with systems running
We will cover a bit of everything:
- Status tools
- Debugging/profiling, with an emphasis on performance rather than code
- Monitoring tools
- Statistics tools
- Benchmarking tools
We will examine live systems running the above tools where possible, in
order to show real life data ...
(Can we slot this for November, which became available?)

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