[kwlug-disc] Future of [Rogers] PVR (wrt HDMI)? Black boxes? MythBuntu?

Andrew Kohlsmith (Mailing List Account) aklists at mixdown.ca
Tue Sep 15 08:14:13 EDT 2009

On September 9, 2009 10:45:09 am Colin Mackay wrote:
> At the moment, I am not certain if the HDMI output on Rogers or Bell
> receivers actually uses HDCP or not.  It probably can be turned on rather
> quickly, if it's not already.

They most certainly do.  In fact, the HD receivers that Rogers ships don't 
even allow you to stream content out of the FireWire port. I tried this last 
month.  Very disappointing.

I'm buying an 8' Yagi and LNA, mounting it on the roof and aiming it at the CN 
Tower. I'll be downloading my specialty content and pulling in CBC, CITY, 
Omni1/2 and Global in HD from Toronto.

I'm tired of this crap.

> Of course, for the time being, there are HDCP strippers out there, but
> they'll only work as long as the keys aren't revoked:

The problem with capturing the HDMI content is that you still have to encode 
it again to get reasonable storage capability. I'd thought about this as well, 
and short of building an HDMI-to-H264 PCI or PCIe board, it's not very 
practical.  OpenCores has all you need if you're looking to do it, though...


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