[kwlug-disc] Future of [Rogers] PVR (wrt HDMI)? Black boxes? MythBuntu?

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Wed Sep 9 10:45:09 EDT 2009

There are HDMI capture cards out there, but none seem to be HDCP compliant.

BlackMagic makes one:


At the moment, I am not certain if the HDMI output on Rogers or Bell
receivers actually uses HDCP or not.  It probably can be turned on rather
quickly, if it's not already.

Of course, for the time being, there are HDCP strippers out there, but
they'll only work as long as the keys aren't revoked:


To do all this in Myth or some other FOSS software, it's still overly
expensive.  Best to wait until something happens that will make the media
pay attention  Example: If Samsung TV's happened to suddenly get on the key
revocation list and end up being uploaded to set top boxes around the world
+ maybe a big summer blockbuster BluRay disc...

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 9:54 AM, <john at netdirect.ca> wrote:

> kwlug-disc-bounces at kwlug.org wrote on 09/09/2009 08:35:46 AM:
> > From: "L.D. Paniak" <ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com>
> >
> > You aren't going to see black-box HDMI-in for DRM reasons.  Even
> > HDMI-out for over-the-air digital signals is potentially subject to DRM
> > (see: broadcast flag)
> In fact if you look closely at HDMI and Blu-ray you find that the
> technology allows for disablement of devices.
> HDMI and Blu-ray devices each have a manufacturer key that is used to
> negotiate an encryption key with other devices. Blu-ray media has the
> publisher's media key that must be authenticated before playing.
> Blu-ray media also has an update block that contains updates to the key
> sets. One possible update is key revocation. If a blu-ray disk contains a
> key revocation update for your big expensive HDMI-connected TV, and you
> put that in your player, it may refuse to play on your TV. It may even
> disable your player, although that's not clear.
> I don't think HDMI has an update "feature", but it may mean that a new
> receiver or player may refuse a connection to your TV or vice versa.
> Key revocation is supposed to be allowed so that if a key is exposed it
> will be revoked. In today's world how long does it take hackers to find a
> key that is embedded in firmware? Less than a day?
> > It looks like the only way to capture HD TV in a F/LOSS manner is to use
> > the Hauppauge HD-PVR.  It captures HD signals from the composite ports
> > on your cable box/digital source and outputs them over USB to H264.
> > While the captured signal is not the native digital, I find the results
> > are more than satisfactory for TV watching.
> >
> > The upcoming mythtv 0.22 has support for this device along with VDPAU to
> > accelerate HD playback on newer Nvidia graphics cards.  The upcoming
> > mythbuntu 9.10 doesn't look to go this far, but there are deb
> repositories:
> >
> > http://www.avenard.org/media/Ubuntu_Repository/Ubuntu_Repository.html
> >
> > http://debian-multimedia.org/
> >
> > that will let you build your own deb-PVR fairly easily.
> I have an HD-PVR at home. I haven't yet found the time to upgrate the Myth
> on my Mythdora box. I could easily move to Fedora Rawhide and install Myth
> svn pacakges. One bump in that road is that all the clients may need to be
> updated and I don't have an updated package for my AppleTV.
> Robin, who presented Myth at the lug twice loves his Popcorn hour. I
> presume he uses it in conjunction with Myth.
> Myth is still a tinkerer's PVR. You would have to want to select the
> hardware, choose the placement (a PC is loud), install, tweak and fix. If
> you want analog TV it's easy, just pick a tuner card with TV out and
> you're done (hauppauge 350).
> If you want digital cable in Canada, you need to couple it with a Rogers
> or Bell receiver and marry in a IR blaster or something. Digital cable
> tuner/capture cards would be the best option, except that Rogers encrypts
> almost all of the channels.
> Until someone builds and markets a quiet unit with Myth it will be a
> tinkerer's solution.
> As for formats I don't know if Myth will play an ISO image. It will play a
> DVD I think.
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