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Chris Bruner cbruner at quadro.net
Fri Oct 30 14:26:46 EDT 2009

Chris Irwin wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-10-30 at 12:57 -0400, Chris Bruner wrote:
>> Richard Weait wrote:
>> 1. Grub is handled for you now. So you can't easily set the default OS, 
>> and you can't name the os's that you are booting.
> They are using grub2 now. It reads from several files now (one of which
> probes for operating systems) when generating the config. These are
> sourced from /etc/grub.d/ . I have not sat down to really learn the
> ins-and-outs of configuring the new grub yet, aside from turning on the
> highres boot prompt in /etc/default/grub.
Yes I went through all that. I want to lable windows Vista reset, and 
Windows Vista working. However because they are configured during the 
probe for the OS it gives it it's own name. To configure it you use 
grub-update and it magically works. Configuration of the default to N 
requires some trial an error because it's hard to determine what the 
last OS # will be.  The assumption is that you want the first OS to be 
default. I expect next time the kernel is updated it's going to bump 
everything down.

>> 2. Dual head system seems broken. (this might be an nvidia problem, but 
>> my other Linux OS can handle it with the same drivers)
> I may pull out an old monitor to try on my desktop. I know I've had
> If you're using the nouveau or nv driver, this is a bug. If you're using
> the nvidia binary driver, I think they still want you to use their
> nvidia-settings utility and xorg.conf.
I was using the nvidia binary, 170 which I've used on a gentoo system 
without problems. No idea why ubuntu can't see the monitor. I even tried 
plugging the monitor in and bypassing the kvm to no avail.
>> 3. They are using pulse audio I think. When you switch between 
>> applications there is an audible pop.
> Ubuntu has been using pulse for several releases now. I haven't noticed
> any issues switching between applications.
> What I have noticed is that audio hardware is powered down when idle.
> This should save a bit more power on laptops, etc. Unfortunately,
> certain audio hardware pops when powered back up. I seem to recall
> somebody seeing if there was a way to stop it, but I think it comes down
> to the components used and/or design of the audio device. My intel hda
> audio on my laptop pops, albeit quietly. Apparently some other intel
> cards do not.
I've tried installing pulseaudio on my gentoo box and I've decided it's 
not quite there yet. (despite the authors claims). I think it will be 
uninstalled, as it tends to interfere with alsa without contributing 

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