[kwlug-disc] any good online reference for detailed gcc compilation/execution?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Oct 29 06:35:18 EDT 2009

  as part of a tutorial i'm writing, i want to include a detailed
explanation of how a simple C program ("hello, world") gets compiled
and executed, including references to things like crtbegin.o,
crtend.o, libgcc, and so on.  and i'll also be including a breakdown
of all the gcc-related packages and how they work together to take
something as simple as "hello, world" and turn it into an executable.
(references to nm, objdump, readelf, etc.)

  anyone know a decent writeup of that online somewhere?  i know lots
of bits and pieces, but nothing that covers that from beginning to
end.  thoughts?


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