[kwlug-disc] anyone looking for a fedora/android sdk project?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Wed Oct 28 08:17:43 EDT 2009

  if someone out there is looking to mess around with the
newly-released android sdk:


i have a small project for that person.  i'm strapped for time at the
moment, and i want to document (fully and completely) what it would
take to install and configure that new SDK on a fedora 12 system.
(yes, f12 isn't actually out yet but the current beta should be
sufficiently close to make this an equivalent project.)

  it sounds simple, but i want this done on 64-bit f12, and the
android sdk is 32-bit so there's the issue of adding in the 32-bit
compatibility libs and other utilities, as well as verifying that that
new sdk works with the openjdk that comes with fedora (if it in fact

  i can supply one of my gateway mx7120 64-bit AMD laptops with a
reasonable initial install of f12 beta, and it would be your job to
take it from there, follow the online instructions and, where
necessary, tweak for 64-bit f12.  and once the basic sdk is running,
add in eclipse, etc, etc.  you get the idea.

  anyone interested?  i'm probably going to make it to KWLUG next
monday so we can chat there.  regarding remuneration, well, we can
chat about that as well.  one possibility is that, if you document
this well enough and want to keep working on it, i can just let you
hang onto the laptop.  just a thought.

  so ... any takers?  it would be nice to get this done fairly soon,
and if you can't make KWLUG but you're local, we can meet elsewhere
and i can hand over the laptop.  whatever works for you.


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