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Wed Oct 21 23:14:51 EDT 2009

John Kerr wrote, On 10/21/2009 6:10 PM:
> Hello
> First of all, the intent was humour, we can all have a laugh now and then.
> Second, the next time someone tells us that free software is doomed 
> because there is no money in it remember this stock quote.

I thought the stock price part of the message worth the read.

Misleading (vs. number of shares), but OK.

> We all know that firefox has more to offer than IE. so lets let them know it

OK. Talking the talk, walking the walk, and keeping presence of mind 
can't but be a good thing.

Pointless v
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> "The only good use for Internet Explorer is to download Firefox"
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Funny. The first time.

>      > YES! Red Hat Linux is worth more than Mickeysoft

                Diminishes everything and everyone. -^

Guess I just hit a saturation point with the useless drivel cluttering 
up the eye space. It's been a bit much lately in the list. Don't / 
didn't mean to pick on any one person. Sorry John.

There's MS bashing (complaining), and discussion or news, then there's 
beating a dead horse. Then there's comments on the technique used in 
beating the dead horse. Then there's oops, missed a spot.

And it's not like MS doesn't deserve disparagement, repeatedly 

Personally, I'd like to just shoot the horse and be done with it all. 
Get it out of our worldview.

I'll go take a Tums now.

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