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First of all, the intent was humour, we can all have a laugh now and then.
Second, the next time someone tells us that free software is doomed because there is no money in it remember this stock quote.

I believe that it is an indication of what is happening.

We all know that firefox has more to offer than IE. so lets let them know it

"The only good use for Internet Explorer is to download Firefox"
John Eddie Kerr | Guelph, Ontario 

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John Kerr wrote, On 10/20/2009 11:03 PM:
> The first two are real, the last one is my own entry
> Last trades:
> 27.75 RHAT
> 26.37 Microsoft Corporation
>   *   SCOX.PK
>       * any day now!!!!
> YES! Red Hat Linux is worth more than Mickeysoft

For 1 share.

How many shares outstanding?

.... can anyone tell me, will there come a day when such pointless MS <stuff> will cease or tone down in this list? Regardless of what you think of them, and nobody in their right mind could call me a fan, it's just useless and pointless interference and noise to your communication.

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