[kwlug-disc] KWLUG community projects

Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 08:26:11 EDT 2009

Yes, it's possible to list the library. What we were doing before was
importing it into software that did a lookup on ISBN, so it's a few
hours work for someone dedicated. That data could then be messaged
into something else.

As for free software projects I've been involved in:

WCLP (http://wclp.sourceforge.net/) - defunct but the source is still
there. Was mainly involved in getting some initial problems with the
PS/2 mouse working, coding a documentation GUI in tcl/tk (that got
thrown out with the bath water in a later release) and manually
converting documentation to DocBook (how I learned a bit about

iceutils - (no url, I let the domain expire and haven't thrown the
code back up yet) was a suite of command line utilities I wrote
initially in tcl and then C, then tcl/tk again (so I could put a GUI
on one of the tools) aimed at helping game masters of the Rolemaster
RPG. Originally the idea was to create the tools to make it easy to
write a fantasy book.

Some non-open source projects that I released as freeware long ago included:

BANG! - an online Russian roulette game I wrote in the BAJA
programming language for Synchronet BBS software.
A number of modules for Synchronet.

Sam Studd - a text adventure about escaping a castle written using AGT
(Adventure Game Toolkit).

Lately most of my contributions have just been installing Ubuntu on
systems and encouraging/helping volunteers at Computer Recycling to
use Linux.

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