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> From: "Insurance Squared Inc." <gcooke at insurancesquared.com>
> 1) Microsoft still got their money for the initial install.

It *is* taking money away from Microsoft. They won't get next year's 
support and license payments. And they won't get it from the other 
exchanges as well. More opportunities will be lost to Open Source taking 
money away from Microsoft. This one loss triggers a cascade of other 

I do agree that it's a shame that the LES is out $65MM with some 
benefitting Microsoft, but some choose to learn the hard way.

> 2) The new system - probably about $0 of those many millions will go 
> directly into coffers designed to further linux. 

Open Source doesn't need money, it needs market share. Money is the 
byproduct of market share. As more people use it more people will 
contribute and more money will flow to consultants and other vendors who 
will in turn improve in Open Source.

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