[kwlug-disc] Ubuntu 9.10 release party at Kwartzlab

L.D. Paniak ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com
Mon Oct 5 15:55:26 EDT 2009

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Darcy Casselman wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 2:24 PM, Paul Nijjar <paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca> wrote:

>> Personally, I would like a release party to somehow make sure
>> Canonical doesn't go broke and fold in a few years. But that might be
>> asking a lot, even for KWartzlab.

Does it matter?  Debian will still be around and since it is open source
it will always be serviceable.

>> What is your target audience for the event?
> Definitely leaning more towards the enthusiast crowd, likely with a
> mix of people who are existing Ubuntu/Linux users and folks who are
> just curious. Since it's Kwartzlab, I'm expecting a good chunk of
> people will be hacker/maker folks who may or may not have tried Ubuntu
> but are interested in cool things they can *do* with it in whatever
> projects they're working on or thinking about.
> Darcy.

Can you get together a representative list of what people want to see?
The possibilities for short demos are endless, of course.  Maybe GIMP?
Blender?  Then spin the Compiz cube into a serial console. Then to a
Windows VM or streaming media.

It will probably be easier to attract people if you give them a definite
agenda that includes something they are interested in.  Not to say other
topics can't be covered on the fly with the power of apt-get.

What kind of internet connectivity is available at KWAL?

IMO, showing off software at a release party is more marketable than
watching an installer run at an install-fest: Hey honey, lets go out and
get karmic installed on that old laptop tonight...
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