[kwlug-disc] Anyone know of a free web forum equivalent to Google/Yahoo Groups?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat Oct 3 12:29:17 EDT 2009

Does using SourceForge for this make any sense? (Not that it's a 
coding project.)

unsolicited wrote, On 10/01/2009 2:09 PM:
> Raul Suarez wrote, On 10/01/2009 1:49 PM:
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>>> From: unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca>
>>> I don't believe I am. If I knew of a free phpbb yahoo/google group 
>>> equivalent.
>>> It just occurred to me that perhaps the word 'forum' is outdated and 
>>> may be known by some other phrase these >days.
>> Without having an answer, let me see if I understand.
>> You are looking for a "cloud service" that provides the tools required 
>> for community building
>> e.g.
>> Organizational web presence (Home page)
>> File sharing, Bulleting boards/discussion groups, Wiki
>> Member blogs,
>> etc?
>> Fairly equivalent to what we have at kwlug.org but supported "in the 
>> cloud" so you don't have to bother maintaining the system and servers 
>> involved.
>> Is this correct?
> Mmm. Close. Additional functionality can't hurt, but I hadn't considered 
> blogs or wiki's. I am thinking about a volunteer organization, not 
> kwlug, but kwlug is perhaps organizationally similar - and also 
> topically completely different.
> As I said, google or yahoo groups would be sufficient, if sub-groups 
> were possible.
> I keep mentioning yahoo / google merely because of the name recognition 
> / ease of analogous explanation. Particularly to the adult users whom 
> may only be barely computer literate enough to use a web browser. [That 
> didn't quite come out right. Such would be the users, so such 
> recognition would provide a level of comfort for them, as well. Don't 
> mean to impinge upon the readers of this list - unless, of course, 
> they've had too much lubrication or contortioning, at which point 
> K.I.S.S. would seem to apply.]
> Want to avoid icky money / hosting and greater reliability than running 
> something out of the house. Which would also make responsibility 
> transferable.

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