[kwlug-disc] [kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Troubleshooting Without Source Code

Tim Laurence timdaman at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 11:03:03 EDT 2009

Wow, that is quite an introduction! Thanks.

On Oct 3, 2009, at 2:22 AM, Paul Nijjar wrote:

> Man. It's no wonder that people don't use computers any more. They
> never work as intended. You're working away setting up a firewall or
> finishing that presentation or typing out a meeting announcement, and
> -- BOOM -- everything goes awry. You run into a feature that doesn't
> work as advertised. Your program stops working mysteriously. E-mail
> chokes and your mail server won't restart properly. Vim eats
> your meeting announcement and won't give it back.
> Then what? If you're me you sit in shock and horror, waiting awkwardly
> for somebody to come by and fix the situation. If you're Tim Laurence,
> you pull up your sleeves and get to work. Tim is the Code Whisperer:
> he has an arsenal of nifty utilities and techniques that let him
> strace and tcpdump his way to the heart of the most belligerent
> programs -- even when you don't have access to the source code. Best
> of all, he'll be sharing his software Sherlocking skills at this
> month's KWLUG meeting. This meeting starts at 7pm.
> This month's FLOSS Fund nominee is CIPPIC, the Canadian Internet
> Policy and Public Interest Clinic. This legal clinic researches and
> advocates for sensibility around technology issues in Canadian law,
> including copyright, net neutrality and privacy issues. See
> http://www.cippic.ca for more information. As always, if you would
> like to contribute to this month's nominee but can't make the meeting,
> you can either make your own donation or contact me and we'll work
> something out.
> As you might have noticed from the miserable weather, summer is over
> and it's October now. Does that mean our allotment of joy is over for
> the year? Of course not: Ontario Linux Fest is this month, on October
> 23 and 24. This year's festival of all things FLOSSY features four
> tracks (FLOSS 101, Business concerns, Embedded development, and
> Community) and an impressive array of guest speakers. You can register
> at http://www.onlinux.ca/olfreg .
> Before this announcement gets eaten a second time, I had better let
> you know that this month's KWLUG meeting is at the Heuther Hotel:
> Boardroom (3rd floor)
> Heuther Hotel
> 59 King Street North
> (Corner of King and Princess Streets)
> Waterloo
> See http://www.kwlug.org for pictures and maps.
> - Paul
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